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   Disco/club   4. Disco Green Mango
Beach Road, Soi Green Mango
     Chaweng Ko Samui
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20.01.2013 Redaktion
Green Mango is located in the middle of Chaweng at the end of Soi Green Mango. It is an open air disco with cheap prices and cool music.
Green Mango Eingang 0000001258n0001.jpg
There is no air conditioning and only a few fans. The central hall has several smaller annexes. In rainy weather you should pay attetion to stay in the dry areas.
Green Mango Regen 0000001258n0004.jpg
The entrance area is equipped with height tables and bar stools. There is a large dance floor on the left. With only a few visitors it is not used. In the middle rear area is an elongated bar, to the right of it is a large screen with football. The toilets are more to the right. Next to it stand 4 billiard tables.
Green Mango Billard 0000001258n0005.jpg
All areas are colorful lit. The audience is mixed: many young people, but also some older ones are there. There are pretty freelancers from young to middle age. Smoking is allowed. When you pass by, you can also touch the hot glow. Depending on the DJ and the audience, the music style is varied. Often, the famous disco hits are played.
Green Mango runde Bar 0000001258n0003.jpg
Because the fans are missing, you have to cool down with the beverages. The drinks are not so expensive: a beer costs 120 baht. (11/2016).

A return trip with the Songthaeo or taxi to the OP Bungalow costs 200 baht. This is 300 meters away in opposite to the one-way street. For the taxis the distance is about 1.5 km. Other districts cost 600 Baht upwards.
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