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1237 steps lead up to the top of Wat Tham Suea. Climbing up takes about 0.5 hours. On the way up you can see larger groups of monkeys. At the top, the view is truly picturesque. The next day comes guaranteed the soreness in your legs.
Wat Tham Suea, Tiger Cave, is located with its main buildings and the cave at the foot of the mountain. The cave is decorated with Buddha statues. There are also the paw footprints of the tiger, which gives the name to the temple.
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However, the interesting part of the temple is the small temple on the top of the mountain, which is about 600 meters height. 1237 steps lead up. A good pedestrian should definitely go up and enjoy the atmosphere and the view. The view is absolutely picturesque.
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Casual walkers be warned, the soreness the next day will be very painful.

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Durch den Klong im Norden vom Zentrum läuft man oft an der Hauptverkehrsstraße dort hin. Hier ist eine kleine Abkürzung über eine kleine Brücke beschrieben.

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