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Thailand, the Land of Smiles, is a wonderful destination in international tourism. For the entry by plane a visa-free stay of 4 weeks is allocated. Entering by land 2 weeks are visa-free. Overview of other visas are available here: Business/Visa.

Time difference and accesibility to Thailand

City Time difference Time Fligh hours
New York -12 00:00 20
Berlin -6 (-5 summer time) 06:00 (07:00) 11
Bangkok 0 12:00 0
Sydney +4 16:00 9
Los Angeles +9 21:00 15-18
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The Thais call all foreigners with white skin color: farang, ฝรั่ง. The name results probably from the meeting with the first foreign merchants. The Arabs, Turks and Indians are however called Kaek, แขก. The friendliness of the Thai people will surprise every foreigner. In the past, Thailand successfully managed to stay out of military conflicts of the colonial and world wars. The Thais are good builders. Many buildings of the past, especially temples have been built splendidly and are still well preserved.

Land of growth

In Thailand, the economy is growing and there is a lot of construction. From the past Thailand has yet magnificent temples and monuments, such as the:
Kings palace
• Wat Phra Geo

buildings of the present:
• Central Festival Pattaya
• Baiyoke Tower, Height: 300m
• Sky Train BTS
airport Suvarnabhumi
• The Avenue Pattaya

The beaches in Thailand are long and uncrowded. The water is clear, at least in southern Thailand. The underwater world is ideal for snorkeling and diving. There is a lot of water sports offered, such as jet skiing, sailing, surfing, fishing, ....
The food is tasty and cheap and available almost any time of day or night. It offered many amenities to Western standards at very reasonable costs.

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30.04.2013 surfNicolas
Durch den Klong im Norden vom Zentrum läuft man oft an der Hauptverkehrsstraße dort hin. Hier ist eine kleine Abkürzung über eine kleine Brücke beschrieben.

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