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Khao Phing Kan get famous under the name "James Bond Island" by the James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun". Particularly memorable and often photograped is the pinnacle "Khao Ta Pu".
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The James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" was turned in 1974 with Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. James Bond Island was home of the villain, Mr. Scaramanga.

Between the two rocks is a small land link with two beaches. Here you can relax, swim or walk. From here, the rock needle "Khao Ta-Pu" is most frequently photographed.

James Bond Iceland is located north of Phang Nga Bay, about 3 km distance from the mainland. However, it is often approached by boat from Phuket (25 km) or Krabi (about 50 km).

A canoe trip permits: approaching close to the pinnacle. The coast of Khao Phing Kan can be followed. This is often combined with a beach, swimming and lunch.
Another tour offers also to visit a temple, a stalactite cave and the fishing village on stilts in the Phang Na Bay.
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Durch den Klong im Norden vom Zentrum läuft man oft an der Hauptverkehrsstraße dort hin. Hier ist eine kleine Abkürzung über eine kleine Brücke beschrieben.

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