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Self-learning from my lesson:
1. Youtube: Unruean Kaeobun
2. Thai for writing practice
3. Thai for speaking practice
4. Learn Thai แค่เก่งภาษาไทย เรื่องอะไรๆ ก็ง่าย
This for person who can read and write.
I wrote only Thai and English translation. (without phonetic)
5. อุ่นเรือน  แก้วบุญ เทคนิคการสอนภาษาไทย
This for person who want to teach Thai and I wrote only in Thai
Thai Intensive course (private online)
50 Euro/hour
150 Euro/month
700 Euro/ 6 month
1200 Euro/ year
"Intensive with intention course" is a course for:
1. person who really serious to use Thai now or in The future
2. person who like to read Thai. (book, novel, and so on.)
3. person who would like to teach Thai in your conuntry or your children
4. person who prepare to living in Thailand.
5. person who prepare to study in Thailand.
6. person who learn Thai in other course and want other tip to understand Thai.
"2 month Intensive with intention course" has information about:
1. how to prepare yourself for Thai self-learning
2. how to get information about Thai for learning
3. how to translate English to Thai, Thai to English and Thai to Thai
( how to use dictionary)
4. how to get informantion in thai (book, job, institute)
If you interesting for "Intensive with intention course" you much:
1. know yourself good
2. know what you want from Thai
Level of Lesson depend on your knowledge about Thai.
I speak Thai more than English, or maybe only Thai.
So you can get converstation in Thai for the future.
Subject in this course depend on you.
That mean you plan yourself and your time with me,
Which subject you want to know,
when and what time you want to online with me
and then sent it to me. (you can make appointment after payment)
If someone already book, then you have to make a new appointment.
If it's free, you will get a appointment.
I will sent you email lesson or messenger lesson every day in subject that you choose during the course.
So you can get used to with subject that you interesting and can use it in the future.
If you interesting for it, you must active in Thai for this course. It will be fun for you.
For more information about this course contact me to my inbox,
Facebook Messenger: Unruean Kaeobun
or Email:
Register time:
Register complete only with payment.
(It's limit member for this course)
Start course:
Finish corse:
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